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Super Samurai armour by SimonGannon Super Samurai armour by SimonGannon
This is some mockups from the Power Rangers show - I was working for a company that dealt with them. We were doing some sculptures, and this was done to show the various parts of the armour from the references we were given from Bandai.

I love doing this kind of stuff. ~~
Toshi-san Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
the samurai battle armor/shogun mode was a pretty cool idea, the costumes looked fantastic and i even have the shogun red ranger in 4 inch figure form... wish i had gotten the foot tall one when it was out but i didnt cause at the time i was like "pfft yea this'll be in the show, sure". lo and behold, it was (but in all honestly, the track record of bandais ratio of "toys that arent in the show:toys in the show" does tend to mislead when something is release far before it shows up, especially when its something not seen in the japanese version at all the megamode/zord piloting mode and the mega blade being other examples)

i will say though, the original costumes for the zord cockpit footage, were awesome, the fact they were so under used, not so awesome, i would have loved to see mega/super mega modes in actual ground battles, shogun mode got it... in the final episode (i never watched samurai cause i think it was horrible but the few clips and like... three episodes i saw the original non sentai costumes were pretty fucking rad, makes me kinda regret not picking up the megamode 6pack of figures when i had the chance.

now if bandai could release PROPER MMPR movie figures, and not just chromed basic rangers but if i remember correctly theres rights issues with the movie suits
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July 20, 2012
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